Monday, April 1, 2013

I was embarrassed by my dog's ill behavior

A couple weeks ago, I was walking Bogie, my Great Dane, by himself.  We were walking south down a main street and spied another dog walker two large black Giant Schnauzers walking north.

Hers were being very well-behaved.  There was a point where our paths were going to cross.  I needed to turn east to go home.  She wanted to continue north.

Bogie was being uncooperative, ignoring my commands to Heel.  I had to struggle to keep him under control.   We made the turn at the corner.  I couldn't fight him and walk, so I sat him just past the corner.  Or that was the intention.  He wouldn't Sit or Stay.  She and her dogs were about 10 feet north of the corner.  All was well.


I had a grip on it, but Bogie slipped out of his Gentle Leader halter.  Until that moment, I hadn't realized it was too loose.  He ran straight to her dogs with me chasing after.  I said, "Don't worry.  He's friendly."  just as he started to growl at her male dog.


I captured him before anything could happen, but I was so embarrassed.   His bad behavior reflected on my skills as a trainer and pet parent.  I wished often that I could see her again to apologize.  And to explain that he was actually better behaved than when I got him.

So I was kind of glad when I was walking both Angel and Bogie this morning and we ran into her again.  We were on opposite sides of the street.  I had Bogie under much better control, although he did fight me a bit.

I hollered "I'm sorry."  

She hollered back, "It's okay.  They have to learn,  But it sucks for us."

That moment of understanding erased the guilt I had been holding onto since our last encounter.

Not related to the story, but these are the beasties involved.

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