Saturday, February 23, 2019

Winter Wonderland painting

So a few days ago, I went to The Brush Bar by myself to do a painting.  My usual cohorts couldn't attend, but I'd been wanting to do this painting.

I am generally an introvert, but I feel quite comfortable at the Brush Bar.  And the people at the table where I sat were friendly and funny, laughing, complimenting everyone's paintings, singing and chair-dancing to the music.

The instructor painting had only two colors, but I thought there needed to be green in the painting.  Quite pleased with the result.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lego Pet Shop

My latest Lego build was the Pet Shop. Kit 10218.  2,032 pieces.

It is assembled on 2 separate bases. One for each side of the duplex.  Although connected at the base of the buildings, the split base makes it a little tricky to move.

Still, it was a fun build. Pet shop on one side.  Office or apartment on the other. I like the touch of having a display bin in the front with a ball and bones.

Front with display bin, mailbox, father and daughter bike lesson.
Back with cellar door, garbage cans and a rat, plus a rooftop garden.

Top floor, looks like storage for the apartment, but roof top garden.
Small bedroom above the pet shop.  For the owner maybe?

Second floor apartment being painted, spiral stairs on left.
Kitchen or break room with straight stairs on right. 

First floor pet shop on right, apartment on left.

The inside of the pet shop.  Cat to the left playing with the rat tail, fish at upper right,
and the barest bit of the dog in the kennel bottom right

The two roof tops.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Les Ballet Trockedero de Monte Carlo

Last weekend, we went to Chandler Center for the Arts to see Les Ballet Trockedero de Monte Carlo.

It’s an all-male ballet where the men do all the on pointe dancing.  Which I guess is not supposed to be possible. Or at least not believed back in 1975 when the troupe was created.

While we waited for the show to start, we read the program, which we almost didn’t pick up.  There were faux biographies of all the “female” dancers with names like Dumbchenko, Laptova, Namethattunenova, Leftova. Very creative and entertaining.  Plus real biographies of the dancers, most classically trained ballerinos.  

None of us have seen a real ballet – unless you count the bits I’ve seen in old MGM musicals.  But this was impressive.

From our seats we couldn’t see house right.  But the rest of it was sublime.  Excellent dancing.  Enough humor to be entertaining.  All dance-based humor.  Non-verbal.  Like bumping into each other, a foot sliding out of position for a background dancer, an arm out of place.

From the audience reaction, I would say some attendees actually understood ballet.  There was applause for different moves, like sequential pirouettes.  Just watching the dancer’s spin made me dizzy.  I can’t turn around even once.  One dancer did at least 10 spins.

There was a weird, humorous modern dance bit in the middle, with two performers doing various odd sound effects for three dancers.  One sound effect was accomplished by the performer laying on his back and gargling.  Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

And an enchanting bit based on the Dying Swan where the dancer comes out to perform, shedding feathers from the tutu the entire time.

No idea how they manage to get the feathers to not fall all at once, or not at all.

Overall, very much recommend it if you get a chance.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Lizard stained glass panel

It's been a long while since I've done any new stained glass.  Painting is quicker.  And less painful.  ("paper" cuts from glass and copper foil, burns from the solder if you aren't careful).  And it's easier to fix mistakes in a painting.

But there is nothing quite like the look of stained glass art.

I kept track and this one took me 27 hours to complete from design to putting the hooks on. It's a 20" x 30" panel consisting of 100 pieces. 

I made this one for my office window.  Then realized it didn't look good there and moved it to the family room where it gets more light.

It's a two piece project.  The wall and leaves are one panel.  The lizard is separate and soldered over the top.

In hindsight, I probably should have made the glass behind the head clear.  When lit from behind, it makes it look like his head in in shadow. However, a friend told me that "To me, it looks like the lizard is headed into the foliage so its head is in shadow.”  I like that.

Against a white wall.  I may still move it back here. 

Without sunlight

With sunlight behind it