Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blocked by a Great Dane

This morning I took Bogie for his walk.  Just him.  Not with Angel.  We walked/jogged about a mile and a half.  No I didn't jog the whole distance.  Maybe a third.  

We got back to the front door.  I opened the security door and took the lead off, as I have for the past 3 or 4 months.  As I opened the inside door to enter, Bogie got distracted and took off.  Well, that answers the question of whether he will still run off.  

Now, we’re working on Come Here.  But Stop works.  Stay works.  I thought.  Apparently, they only work when he is on the leash. 


I've learned my lesson and don't try to catch him on foot.  I rushed to the car and drove after him.  After our long walk, he wasn't as ambitious as in previous escapes.  Bogie had only gone 4 houses away and was sniffing at their gate.  I stopped in the middle of the street, opened the car door, and called to him.  He jumped right in.

Shunning is my punishment of choice.  Back at the house, I left the Gentle Leader on him because I know he doesn't like it.  I took Angel and we went for her walk.  This is more of a meander that covers only about a quarter mile.  When I got back, I ignored Bogie except to tell him to Sit and take the Gentle Leader off. 

I fed them, washed their bowls, took my vitamins and ate my breakfast.  All the while ignoring Bogie.  I wasn't sure he even noticed he was being shunned.  When I finished reading the newspaper, I went outside to feed the birds. 

As I topped off the water bucket, Bogie stood right in front of me, leaning up against my legs.  I still had barely spoken to him.  

I went to step forward and he didn't move.  I pushed him lightly with my knee, but he didn't budge.  "Move", I said quietly.  He looked at me.  I took a step back, intending to go around him.  He followed. 

I was now pinned with the water bucket to my right, the metal hose container behind me, and Bogie blocking me.  I looked at him.  He looked at me.  I petted him.  And he let me move. 

Apparently he *had* noticed he was being shunned.  

And didn't like it. 

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