Saturday, March 30, 2013

Job search frustration

It hasn't yet been two months since I got laid off.  I have recovered from the shock and settled into a workable routine of postponed house maintenance, gym attendance, reading, and job searching.  I'm doing a lot of bonding with my dogs.

I've had several interviews, but so far no offers.  Corporations do not make decisions quickly, so I may yet hear back from one or two companies.

The frustrating part has been interviewing for jobs where I am missing a key requirement.  They know I am missing a key requirement.  They interview me knowing I am missing the key requirement.

Then they reject me because I don't have the key requirement.

Why are we wasting each other's time?

Maybe they think I have nothing better to do.  Maybe they think I can use the interviewing practice.  Although since each of the companies have said they like me, I must be interviewing fine.

That doesn't explain why they are wasting their own time.

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