Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yesterday was Bird Day at my house.

I came home from a job interview yesterday and climbed the stairs to go change out of my interview clothes.

There, in the middle of the loft carpet, lay a soggy, dead sparrow.

"Oh, I didn't know you have a cat as well as two dogs", you say.

No, I don't have a cat.

I also did not know that a dog will leave you lovely "gifts" showing their accomplishments.  Or maybe that's just where Bogie dropped it.

Six hours later, I was talking on the phone with my sister.  Angel was inside with me.  Bogie was outside playing with a stuffed toy, pulling the stuffing out of it.

I thought.

Suddenly, he came running into the house through the doggy doordangling a dead pigeon from his mouth by its one remaining wing.

"Out", I yelled, and pointed at the door.  Out he went.

I followed him outside.  He dropped the pigeon and I pitched it over the wall for the ants or coyotes to dispose of. The "stuffing" I had seen had actually been feathers plucked from the pigeon.  I picked up the missing wing, bits of tail, and clumps of feathers and threw them over the wall as well.  

In neither case do I know whether he found the birds dead, or made them dead.  I do know that yesterday was an extremely windy day here in the Valley of the Sun.  The air was full of dust that may have disoriented the birds.  The wind gusts also may have knocked either of the two birds into a wall.

I feel better thinking that he found them dead.

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