Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mediocrity annoys me

People who do their job just enough to get by irritate the bejeebers out of me.

Example - the grocery store near me had the copper wiring ripped out of 7 of its parking lot lights The electrician that repaired the wires just dropped the discarded lengths of wire on the ground and left them there.

The lights work, but taking the extra step to clean up was not in the electrician's work ethic.

Not only that, but the landscapers left it there as well. These same landscapers have ignored a couple spreading weeds until they are now 6 foot wide. And can't be bothered to clean the debris off the drainage grates.

I don't know if the grocery store is remarkably bad at hiring competent companies, or if I have unrealistic expectations.

I don't think so. I know that the landscapers that tend to my subdivision pick up the trash and notice broken branches or support posts before I can contact them. And the workmen I have had at the house were conscientious about cleaning up.

I worked with a programmer that survived 4 layoffs. Everyone wondered what dirt he had on management. He never got his projects done on time. When he did finish, it had to be sent back repeatedly for bug fixes or to have it done according to the specifications.

It never bothered him that he didn't get his tasks done correctly the first time, or the third time. His attitude was, "Well, I thought I would try it and see what happens." With no consideration for the amount of time it took someone to check, and reject, his work.

It's that last attitude that makes me angry. Your mediocrity or lack of work ethic means that someone else has to do extra work.

And why are you okay with that?

Why did the electrician assume that someone else should clean up after him? Why do the landscapers think it's not their job to clean up storm debris? Why doesn't it bother the programmer when his work is found to be buggy and ineffective?

These are job paths people chose for one reason or another. Shouldn't there be some pride in their work?

I admit it, Despite my best efforts, my work gets rejected sometimes. But I feel badly when it is. And I do my best to fix it quickly and effectively.

I just wish other people felt the same way.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Isn't it ineffective marketing?

I will freely admit that I know nothing about marketing.  But I know what works with me.

So I don't understand who thinks that it is a good marketing technique to advertise their landscaping business by tossing a baggy of rocks onto my driveway with a business card.

Similarly, I think unkind thoughts when someone hangs a flyer on my door. Or worse, on my garage door. It does not predispose me to hiring them.

Do these ever work?

I would never hire someone based on debris they deposited on my property. I ask for recommendations from friends  or search for reviews on-line.

Another marketing ploy that frustrates me is calls from windshield replacement companies. Firstly, I've had my windshield replaced 4 times by 3 companies. Yet at least 8 companies have called claiming to have replaced my windshield.

Secondly, when receiving these calls does anyone ever say, "Well, now that you mention it, there IS a big crack in my windshield.  I'm so glad you called."?

Windshield replacement isn't a splurge purchase.  I know when my windshield needs to be replaced. And when I am ready to replace it, I will call someone.

Stop calling me.

I also don't understand marketing that focuses on people behaving badly.  The Experian Credit Score commercials are my latest pet peeve in that arena.  So having a great credit score allows you to be condescending and demanding?  And this is something people aspire to?

The other "people behaving badly" commercial I hate is for Jack Links.  People are bullying, or laughing at bullying, and this is supposed to inspire me to buy their product?

Confused head shake

I would love to be a fly on the wall at the marketing meetings where these ideas were proposed.

Does no one have the courage to say, "these ideas suck!"?