Monday, May 13, 2019

It's my house and I'll do what I want with it.

So once I got over my obsession with decluttering (Obsessed with getting rid of stuff), I moved on to some simple remodeling.

I wanted to replace the 21-year-old carpet in my office with tile to make it easier to clean and easier to roll from my work computer to my home computer.  Cleanliness is also why I had tile put in 2/3 of the bedroom.

But I wanted carpet along the one edge of the bedroom and office and down the stairs.  For lots of reasons.  For the dogs to lay on.  For my Great Dane to do zoomies on.  For me to do my yoga on.  And to give the stairs more grip and cushioning.

The tiling contractor informed me that blending carpet and tile in the manner that I wanted would affect the resale value of my house.  Negatively. 

Then I called an electrician to put multiple extra outlets in my office so I wouldn't have to string outlet strips and extension cords to connect my computers. 

The electrician informed me that adding so many outlets to the room would negatively affect my resale value.

I suppose they both thought they were being helpful.  But am I supposed to forego the livability of my house due to an ever-changing criteria of what is salable?  I have no plans to move as long as I can navigate the stairs. I want my house to work for me and my family. 

I was recently told by a new neighbor that gray houses are currently the most popular.  By the time I get ready to sell, maybe blue houses will be popular.  Maybe carpet will make a resurgence.  Maybe tile and carpet will become a thing.

Shrug. In the meantime, I had both the carpet/tile and electrical outlets done my way. 

And I am very happy with the result.