Thursday, June 29, 2017

Building Lego Assembly Square

This kit, at 4,002 pieces, is the largest I've ever tackled.  I wasn't sure if I would enjoy following the very explicit directions, but I found it relaxing and a way to get out of my head.

Some people color.  Some people do jigsaw puzzles.  It appears that I will be doing Lego buildings.

The first hint that this was not as simple as the Beach Hut was the instruction guide - a full 1/2" thick.

There were 6 phases of building.  It took me 13.5 hours to complete.  And I enjoyed almost every minute of it.  (I admit the scallops along the edges were kind of tedious.)

Because these kits are made to be played with like dollhouses, a lot of detail goes into the interiors.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience.  Pictures below.

One of my favorite features was the "leaded" glass bakery window. But it was a little tricky to install. 

The detailed interior included an amazingly detailed dentist chair with spit sink and lamp:

A piano in the dance studio that was made from over 25 pieces:

And a roof hatch for the stairway:

That's not to overlook the tripod camera in the photography studio, the bathroom and folding fouton in the apartment, the drum set in the music store.

The completed front:
Pie lady in the front is from Series 17.  She just fit here.

The attention to detail continues to the back which is just as complete as the front, with a rear staircase and a rooftop cafe.

Level One:

Level Two:

Level Three: