Friday, January 6, 2017

Toy stuffing everywhere

My sister likes to give the dogs toys they can destroy. 

This lamb was about 12" long and survived mostly intact since Christmas. 

Last night Bogie put one paw on its head, grabbed the other end, and pulled in a long, slow rip. 

Then he picked up the carcass and shook the stuffing out. 

This does not show all the scattered stuffing which covered a bigger area than I could capture.  

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lego Winter Village tableau

I put together a Christmas tableau on my dining room table.  It's made up of 6 kits of varying sizes, plus figures from 2 other kits.

If you move the train the Christmas tree on the flatbed car, revolves.  Very cool kit.

The horse in the sleigh kit can move his head.  Most Lego horses are stationary.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Lego ideas was Accepted!

I submitted my idea for Fun at Waterfront Park to Lego Ideas and it was accepted!

So I need people to support my project.

If I get 100 supporters in 60 days, I will then have a year to garner 10,000 votes.  Then maybe Lego will decide to make my kit!  

I've been a Lego fan since I was 8 so this is a big deal. 

So please vote. Sorry, you will need to register to vote. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bogie has not had a good year.

It's been a stressful month.  I never did find out what caused Bogie to have his toe amputated, despite the advanced fungal tests and even more x-rays. 

His foot has healed and mostly seems to not be bothering him.  A couple hours after we go for a walk, he starts to chew on it.  But pain medication stops that. 

Still, we've been to the vet 6 times in the last month. 

His Valley Fever numbers are down.  Yay!  But he kept having a loss of appetite, diarrhea, his coat got rough, and he was shedding up a storm.  Which he usually doesn't do. 

Add to that, he developed a wattle.  Suddenly instead of a smooth throat, he has a ruff.  Sometimes it shrinks almost back to normal, but mostly he looks saggy.  

Lots of test, including 2 days I had to leave him so they could do before he ate/after he ate comparison tests.  

I hate those days.  I have a hard time not feeding him in the morning.  And I won't feed Angel if Bogie can't eat.  Nor will I eat in front of them. 

Bogie goes into the car just before time to leave for the vet, I rush back into the house and feed Angel and gather my work stuff.  Then I eat after I've dropped him off.   

The upshot of all these test is that Bogie has been diagnosed with Addison's disease.  

Addison's is an adrenal disease where the glands fail to produce enough hormones for normal function.  Cortisol is the "bad" word in all those weight loss commercials, but it's necessary to prevent symptoms like weakness, dehydration, low blood pressure, depression, vomiting, blood in feces, and weight loss.

Yeah, those symptoms could be almost anything.  Add to that, Addison's waxes and wanes.  I'm convinced this recent flare-up was from the Valley Fever. 

I've even wondered if the people who abandoned him knew about his condition.  He's had diarrhea off and on ever since I got him.  If they knew, it would have saved me a bunch of money for the tests.

Initial treatment is steroid pills every morning.  Thankfully he's been taking his pills willingly.

Addison's is very rare in dogs. Even rarer in large, male dogs. With odds like these, I should win the lottery.

Bogie has not had a good year.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bogie and the phantom disease

So I posted earlier that Bogie has Valley Fever.  First he developed a sensitivity to the medication and had to be cut back to half a dose.  Which means taking the fungicide for 5 or 6 months instead of 3. 

Then, his toe started to swell up. 

Took him to his regular vet and had x-rays taken.  The vet figured the swelling was inflammation and gave him antibiotics.  

This is not good news because he does not take pills willingly.  Well, he lets me shove them down his throat without fighting me, but he won't just take them. 

However, when the radiologist looked at the x-rays, it was determined to be more than an infection. 

The bone in his toe was disintegrating.  

So on August 23rd, he had his toe (his left "forefinger") removed.  Apparently, dogs mostly walk on their middle two toes so he should eventually be able to go for walks again. 

However, as of Thursday, he was still limping and sore.  The vets (specialist and regular) both expected him to be pain-free by now.  So he is still on pain pills and off walks. 

They biopsied the toe.  No signs of bacterial or fungal infections.  Or cancer. 

So what the fuck was it?  Do I need to worry about any more digits falling off?  
The lab is going to do an advanced fungal culture to see if anything shows up.  Both vets said the diseased tissue was completely excised and there should be no repercussions.  

I wish I was convinced of that.  

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lego Homage to Sharknado

Decided to merge two of my favorite things - Legos and Sharknado. 

Happy day at Lego Beach - surfing, dining, playing frisbee, dog training.

Oh NO! Sharknado!

Park side view

Water side view
Fin Shepherd, our hero, with his trusty chain saw. Nova in foreground with rifle.
Horrified, and soon to be eaten, life guard
Heroics and terror
Closeup of Sharknado

Closeup of Sharknado

Interior of Sharknado

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fine! Go ahead.

Bogie is on medication for Valley Fever that seems to be affecting his appetite. 

This morning: 

Dog food bowls five feet apart as usual.  

 Angel finishes before Bogie. Not usual.  

 Bogie eats some. Takes a drink. Eats some. 

Walks around the room. Eats some. 

Steps 3 feet away and just stands there. 

Angel approaches the remaining food. 

Bogie looks at her. She stops dead in her tracks. Then backs up. 

He goes over to the food. Looks at it. Gets a drink of water. 

Then he goes 4 feet away, and lays on the floor with his back to his bowl as if to say, "Fine, you can have it." 

Angel cleans up his bowl.

Angel and Bogie