Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bogie and the phantom disease

So I posted earlier that Bogie has Valley Fever.  First he developed a sensitivity to the medication and had to be cut back to half a dose.  Which means taking the fungicide for 5 or 6 months instead of 3. 

Then, his toe started to swell up. 

Took him to his regular vet and had x-rays taken.  The vet figured the swelling was inflammation and gave him antibiotics.  

This is not good news because he does not take pills willingly.  Well, he lets me shove them down his throat without fighting me, but he won't just take them. 

However, when the radiologist looked at the x-rays, it was determined to be more than an infection. 

The bone in his toe was disintegrating.  

So on August 23rd, he had his toe (his left "forefinger") removed.  Apparently, dogs mostly walk on their middle two toes so he should eventually be able to go for walks again. 

However, as of Thursday, he was still limping and sore.  The vets (specialist and regular) both expected him to be pain-free by now.  So he is still on pain pills and off walks. 

They biopsied the toe.  No signs of bacterial or fungal infections.  Or cancer. 

So what the fuck was it?  Do I need to worry about any more digits falling off?  
The lab is going to do an advanced fungal culture to see if anything shows up.  Both vets said the diseased tissue was completely excised and there should be no repercussions.  

I wish I was convinced of that.