Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lego Homage to Sharknado

Decided to merge two of my favorite things - Legos and Sharknado. 

Happy day at Lego Beach - surfing, dining, playing frisbee, dog training.

Oh NO! Sharknado!

Park side view

Water side view
Fin Shepherd, our hero, with his trusty chain saw. Nova in foreground with rifle.
Horrified, and soon to be eaten, life guard
Heroics and terror
Closeup of Sharknado

Closeup of Sharknado

Interior of Sharknado


  1. A great website with interesting and unique material what else would you tables molly and david

  2. Hey Sue, thanks for sharing this amazing Lego Sharknado pieces here. I must say that people who love Lego and love to collect Lego pieces would love your post as well.

  3. I love building things with Lego pieces. It's such a relaxing process.

  4. Is it possible to buy this lego sharknado as a set. Please respond with a price tag.

    1. Sorry, there is no set available. I offered it to Lego but they rejected it. This is a compilation of many individual pieces I collected.