Friday, May 31, 2013

Thanks to the internet, I don't need to buy a new string trimmer

At my request, for some gift-receiving holiday, my sister got me a corded string trimmer.  I had a battery operated one, but it went to my ex.  Besides, it didn't have a lot of power.

She got me a Weed Eater Twist-N-Edge Electric String Trimmer.  I've never told her, but I hated it.  

Every time I tried to use it, the string would break after only a couple of minutes.  This was a bona fide Weed Eater brand trimmer spool.  And I couldn't trim 10 feet without having to remove the spool cover, which was a pain, and put the string back through the outlet hole.  

The instruction manual said the plastic string was probably spooled incorrectly.  Since I bought it already spooled, I figured that wasn't likely.  

So I quit using the string trimmer and used my hand trimmers all last year.  

Recently, I decided to research a replacement trimmer.  Consumer Reports didn't give mine very high marks, but I didn't want to replace it if I didn't have to.  I searched on-line to see if other people had problems with my trimmer and, possibly, a solution. 

And found one, in a review on Amazon.  J. Meyers recommended titanium replacement string.  J. Meyers review

I debated purchasing the titanium string.  I could only find it in a 360' spool for $14.  But string is necessary for any trimmer.  If this didn't work, I would just make sure my next trimmer took the same size trimmer string.

Today I wound my spool with the new titanium string. Then tried the trimmer out on the yard.  The trimmer string worked great.  

I only had to remove the spool twice and I think both times it was a flaw in my winding.   I trimmed for half an hour, hitting the patio posts, trimming against the curb, edging against the concrete.  And it worked great.  

I'm very pleased that I don’t have to buy a new trimmer. 

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