Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I don't mind paying more for vet care

I am bothered by those 1-800-Pet-Meds commercials.  I understand the desire or need to save money.  But to me it feels like taking money out of my veterinarian's pocket.

I don't go to a restaurant and bring my own beverage because it's cheaper.  It is tacky, and not allowed.   If we respect the work and skill our veterinarian has, we shouldn't begrudge them a living wage.

Getting a veterinary degree takes years and costs a lot of money.  In my opinion, it takes more skill to be a veterinarian than a doctor.  Human beings come in basically one shape.  And after a certain age, they can say where it hurts.

Veterinarians deal with animals from Chihuahua size to Saint Bernard, with snub noses and long noses, floppy ears and erect ears, stubby legs and fragile legs, long hair and short.  And that's just the dogs.  

Running a veterinarian clinic is expensive. I'm sure part of recouping their costs comes from the small profit the clinic makes on selling prescriptions.

If they make any profit.  They have to maintain inventory which takes man-power, store inventory which takes building space, and prepare the prescriptions.  More man-power.

I've been told that I can get veterinary care cheaper than what I pay at my clinic.  But my dogs get excellent care at my clinic.  The doctors know my dogs.  They care about my dogs.  They are skilled care-givers.  And they hire only the best support staff.

My veterinary clinic also does a lot of pro bono work.  I figure my money is being put to excellent use.

To me, that expertise and caring is worth paying a little more.

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