Saturday, May 25, 2013

Angel's method of taking pills

I don't know where Angel's dislike of pill taking came from.  She hasn't had to take that many pills yet in her lifetime.  Maybe Angel saw what Peanut had to go through taking 8 pills a day for a heart condition and decided she didn't like it.

In any case, getting pills into her has become problematic.  She won't even look at an empty Greenies pill pocket any more.  She seems to know what they are used for.

Hide the pill in cheese or meat, you say?  Tried it.  She eats around the pill and spits it out.

She won't even take the chewable Rimadyl tablets I give her.  Those I can crush into her morning food.  But other pills appear to have a bad taste when crushed.  You know it's bad when Angel turns up her nose at a bowl of canned dog food.

I have to make especially  sure she doesn't spit out the Rimadyl because Bogie is allergic.  I don't want to have to run him to the vet because he picked up Angel's discards.

To get a pill into her, where she can't spit it out, requires that the pill be right at the edge of her throat. Angel has a very long snout.  I have very short fingers.  This is not a good combination.  And generally requires at least two tries.

A couple days ago, Angel came up with her own solution.  When she hears the pill bottle open, she lays on her back in a submission pose.  I open her mouth and drop the pill down her throat.  I don't even have to put my fingers in her mouth.  

Then I rub her belly.  She's happy. I'm happy.

Smart girl.

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