Thursday, May 16, 2013

Angel having knee surgery today

So I wrote about Angel hurting her knee on Sunday (Cringe inducing yelp).  My heart sank to my stomach when I realized on Monday that it wasn't the leg that had been operated on.  This was the other rear leg.

Yesterday she still wasn't putting any weight on the leg even after anti-inflammatories for 2 1/2 days.  So we headed to the vet.  The vet wasn't able to manipulate the knee without causing Angel pain, so I had to leave her there to be sedated for x-rays.

A couple hours later I got the call to pick her up, and the news that I feared. She will need another knee surgery.  An important ligament in her knee is torn.

I wanted the same doctor that did her left leg.  She was at a farther clinic today, but it was worth the extra drive to have Angel looked at sooner.  She confirmed surgery was needed.

The surgery could be done today or I could save $120 by having the surgery done at the nearer clinic next Thursday.  I opted for today.  She will be 7 days closer to healed by next Thursday.

I felt horrible leaving her there overnight.  I don't know how Bogie will be without her until tomorrow.

I dread the after care now that I know what I am getting into.  It was hard enough to keep her calm and off the repaired leg the first time.  My second dog was the older, smaller Peanut, who wasn't big on playing and was intuitive enough to realize Angel was injured.

This time I will have to keep her and Bogie apart.  He has been surprisingly patient, but he doesn't understand why she won't play with him.  She stood on the patio yesterday morning, on three legs, while he tried to tempt her into play.

At least this time I am not working and can stay home to watch over Angel.

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