Monday, May 13, 2013

My dad is in Wikipedia.

My dad, Warren Smith, was an author.  Not famous, but known in paranormal circles and in Iowa where we lived.  He wrote more than 60 books - paranormal under his name and a pseudonym, westerns and romances under pseudonyms.  He also wrote for magazines and newspapers.

My dad died May 2003.  Maybe it's the month or season, or that I'm unemployed as I was when he died, but for some reason he has been on my mind.

I entered his name in Amazon search and came up with 2 of his books for sale, This Hollow Earth and UFO Trek.

The reader comment for This Hollow Earth  made me proud.  "This book will open your eyes, to the secrets and inhabitants of the Hollow Earth. Derro, dwarves, UFOs, just who is down there? Evidence is given. A must for collectors of occult or just plain odd books. Very hard to get a hold of, if you find one keep it!"

I also found two other authors named Warren Smith.  In fact, another was a Warren B. Smith.

Curious as to what his B stood for, I tried Wikipedia.  And found my dad!

They had his middle name wrong.  It really was Billy, not William.  I have the birth certificate to prove it.  But it was definitely my dad. 

I don't know if Wikipedia will accept my changes, but I fixed the middle name and state of his birth.  If they accept those changes, I'm going to dig up the list I have of his books and get them all entered.

My dad is in Wikipedia.  I think that is pretty cool.

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