Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Squirrel drinking from my bird bath

Angel went racing out the doggy door barking.  I guessed that either the hawk or the squirrel dared to enter the yard to drink out of the bird bath.

Only a few minutes later, while Angel was laying in the grass facing the other direction, the squirrel came back.

 Checking to see if Angel notices:
Is the dog watching?
Good,non-chlorinated water
The squirrel watched, then drank multiple times in only a couple minutes.  

Then - on alert:
Something moved.
Making its escape:
Jump to the top of the wall
Get safely to the top of the wall:
Made it.
Heading home
I'm not sure what startled it.  Maybe me taking pictures.  Neither Angel or Bogie realized it was there.  

It lives in a hole on the undeveloped side of the wall, under a big mesquite tree. 

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