Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Protect my treats

I give the dogs one meaty treat and a rawhide twist when I leave for work.  

Sometimes, like today, As they are chewing the meaty treats, I scatter 4 smaller rawhides across the downstairs for them to find.  Then I hand them the rawhide twists.

Well, when she saw me getting the smaller rawhides from their container, Angel wanted one of those first.  

I gave her the small rawhide, then set her twist in front of her so Bogie wouldn't get it.  

With the small treat already in her mouth, Angel picked the twist up, too.  

Then she went and found another of the small rawhides.  

She stood in the family room with all three rawhides in her mouth, waiting for me to leave. 

As I opened the door to the garage, she took her mouthful of treats outside to enjoy.

This is Angel.

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