Thursday, February 6, 2014

Caught on doggy cam

I like to check on the dogs periodically from work.  Not really sure why. I can't do anything from 26 miles away.  But it is comforting to know they are okay.

Or that I will have a mess to clean up when I get home.

Tuesday, I noticed a mess of torn up "something" on the loft floor.  While I pondered it, my coworker, looking over my shoulder at a different camera, noticed the kitchen cupboard door was open.  The cupboard that holds the dog treats.

"I swear I shut that when I left this morning," I insisted.

So I went back through the clips to when I left and found that yes, indeed, I had closed the cupboard door.

With two of my coworkers in avid attendance, I searched through the clips until I found this:

I have to admire Bogie's skills, but I did move all of the treats into the pantry.  The pantry with the round door knob.  If he can get them out of there, he totally deserves them. 

Well, he deserved the ones he snagged in the clip, too.  


  1. That is awesome! Smart doggie.. :)

    1. Smart and tall. A dangerous combination. :-) But he's a sweetheart.