Saturday, February 8, 2014

Double-stuff versus Mega-Stuff

Chocolate can be a migraine trigger for me.  The odds are about 50/50 and are influenced by allergy season, level of fatigue, whatever else I ate that day.

So, generally, unless it's a killer piece of fudge, or a special dessert, I stay away from chocolate.

This is a long-winded way of saying that I am grateful for the creation of the Nabisco Golden Oreos.

The Golden Oreo Double Stuf are my favorites.  

couldn't get to them one day at the grocery store when the floor was being waxed. (I shop very early in the morning.)

So I bought a package of Mega Stuf from an end cap display.  

Who knew that you could actually have too much filling?  

I don’t like them.  The flavor seems different.  Maybe the balance of filling and cookie is tipped too much in favor of the filling.  

I can't bring myself to finish the package.  

I am actually going to throw the Mega Stuf out for the birds and the ants.  

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