Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Love/hate relationship with technology advances.

Recently, I replaced my 2 year old cellphone with a Nexus 5.  This comes with a Google Now feature not available on my previous Android.

For anyone who doesn't have one, Google Now will tell you the path and time it takes to get to a planned destination, give you weather information, nearby entertainment events, evening television, etc.

The "normal" route to work is not the one I regularly take.  I cannot stomach the intersection of highways 101 and 202.  I always take an alternate route to the office.

I realized yesterday that Google Now noticed this and uses this route to plan the driving time.

This is incredibly cool.

And kind of creepy.

Do I want my phone to know me this well?

Is there any harm in having the ads on websites tailored to my previous searches?  It's not necessarily accurate since I often look up stuff for my sister who is technologically challenged.

But is it harmful?

Are these the first steps in the eventual domination of the human race by our mechanical overlords?

Or just a way to make life a little more efficient?

Does life even need to be efficient?

These are the quandaries that keep me awake at night.

Cool?  Or creepy?

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