Friday, February 14, 2014

Don't mess with my weekend.

I was reminded this week that just because you like someone personally doesn't mean you have to like the way they work or the quality of their work.

For me, if I like someone, I want to respect their work.  I try really hard to respect their work.

But once the poor quality of your work, or your lack of initiative, or your lack of commitment, or your inability to communicate impacts MY work and personal life, all bets are off.

What brought this up was the two days of overtime I just had to put in to meet a deadline.  I'm salaried, so no overtime pay.  Besides, the older I get, the more I value my time off.

Do not get between me and my time off.

The culprit was a contractor working in our office for a short time.  Every day we had a stand-up meeting.  (It's a SCRUM thing.)

Every day, he said his tasks were done.  When asked why they weren't closed, he said, well, they are almost done.  I need to validate before I check the code in.

He said this EVERY day.

Now we're not stupid.  We figured out there was a problem.  But everyone else had tasks to finish before he could be helped.

And when offered help, he hid the extent of the problem.

A problem that was so bad that we discovered on the day the project was due, that he didn't even know how to create the web dialog he had been tasked with.

Now, mind you.  I have absolutely no problem with people not knowing how to do something.  No one knows everything.

I object to someone who is completely lost not asking for help.

I object to someone being assigned something they have never done before and not calling that out.

I object to working over the weekend because someone was too proud to ask for help.


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