Saturday, September 1, 2012

I've been engrossed in the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America since yesterday morning.  To the detriment of my chores, the marathon continues today until the new season premiere this evening.  It's fortunate that I agreed to meet a friend at the gym this morning or I would be parked on the couch all day again.

Don't get me wrong.  I got some of my chores done yesterday and will probably do some today.  But Doctor Who was on the television the whole time.  I kept running back to the set to watch particularly favorite scenes.  Unless the entire episode was a favorite.  Then the chores were put on hold.

I'm not sure I qualify as a Whovian.  I can't quote the dialog.  I don't do the cosplay.  But I never miss an episode and I bought several of the books to tide me over until the new season starts.

What is it about Doctor Who that is so appealing?  The adventure, of course.  But also the way the Doctor helps wherever he goes.  Naturally, not everyone is helped.  The evil and misguided are punished or destroyed.  But he helps so many people, even to the point of getting Craig and Sophie together as a couple.

Would I go with him if he asked?  In a heartbeat.  Or would I?   Being able to see new worlds, new times would be amazing.  I like to think that at least part of what the show describes would be real, if we ever make it into space.  The world that is a library. Beings of every shape and size.

But Doctor Who's universe isn't a safe, cozy world.  The life of a companion is dangerous and scary at times. And there is the inevitable time when the companion has to return to the "real" world.  As Rose asked, How do you get a job in a shop when you've seen the end of the universe?  Worse yet, poor Donna, who will never even know she was a Companion.  I think Amy has it best, the adventure and Rory, the love of her life.

Still, I think I would go.  If I could bring my dogs.  I wouldn't abandon my dogs, even for the Doctor.

Surely the Tardis has a grassy park hidden inside?

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