Sunday, September 23, 2012

A day with the dogs

Anyone who has read my blog lately will think my world revolves around my two dogs.  Well, actually I think it does.  Especially since I got Bogie three months ago.  I would claim that he monopolizes my attention because he is so big.  But my sister has a 9 pound Shih Tzu that is the center of her household.  Apparently size doesn't matter as much as attitude.  Or maybe, youth.

I can't say this was a typical day, but it's close.  I laughed often.

In the morning, I gave Bogie and Angel new toys.  One was a hard, S-shaped Nylabone toy intended as a rawhides replacement, that neither seemed to want.  The other was a Durable pink fabric dragon that Bogie adored.  I threw it down the stairs a few times but Bogie skidded on the tile floor at the bottom.  As funny as it was, I worried he would get hurt.  After that, I threw it into the bedroom so he had a carpeted path.  

Bogie was the epitome of Heel, all day, shadowing me every step I took as I watered the trees, filled the bird feeders, put the clothes in the washer, hanged the clothes out to dry.  But I can't get him to do Heel when I want him to.

The pink dragon was so popular that I figured I needed two.  While out running errands, I bought a blue one. Got home, put the packages on the counter.

Walked 14 feet to set my purse on the bookshelf.  Around a corner, but barely out of sight of the kitchen.

Back to the kitchen and Bogie was helping himself to the blue dragon.  He even got it out of the plastic shopping bag.  He let me take it so I could cut off the tags, but wouldn't let Angel have it.  Didn’t growl, just kept it out of her reach.

Later, Bogie was resting after a vigorous game of Fetch with the blue dragon. Angel picked up the Nylabone. I thought, cool, at least someone is interested in the hard toys.

No. She presented it to Bogie.  Who took it, then set it back down between his paws.

I had put a bunch of the filthy, old, stuffed dogs toys into the washer.  I took them from the washer to put into the dryer.  Bogie put his head in the dryer to see what I was doing.  I shooed him back.  Put another handful into the dryer.  As I turned to the washer to get the last few toys, Bogie put his head in the dryer, grabbed a damp toy, and ran off to the family room.

Bedtime.  Bogie got up, went downstairs, and got the blue dragon and brought it back to bed with him.  I was drifting off to sleep when I heard it squeak.  Startled the heck out of me.  But only one more squeak before I fell asleep.

The next morning, Bogie carried the blue dragon downstairs with him.  When Bogie finished his breakfast, instead of lurking over Angel waiting for leftovers, he got the blue dragon and we played fetch a few times.

All day, Bogie wandered around with the blue dragon in his mouth. He brought it over to me while I was trying to eat breakfast, and again at lunch time,  so I would throw it.

 Car ride to get groceries. I bought non-perishable items to take to work. I put the bag on the bookshelf next to my purse.  Bogie generally restricts himself to taking dog stuff, so I wondered if he would leave the bag alone.

I was upstairs on the computer when I heard a rustle and a small crash.  Went downstairs and sure enough, Bogie had pulled the grocery bag of tuna and cookies off the shelf.

No guilty looks here.  He just grinned as if to say, it was heavier than I expected.

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