Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Signs and omens

I believe in signs and omens.  If I have a decision to make, I will pose a question to the universe and get its opinion.

It can be something as trivial as which road to take home.  I tell myself, if the next 3 cars go straight, I will turn.  And I feel that I must turn if the conditions are met.  What's the point of asking for signs if you don't heed them?

I was contemplating a new vacuum, deciding whether to get one if I got a year-end bonus.  I was offered an interest free loan and a good price for the vacuum.  I took that as a sign I should get it.  I've been thrilled with my Dyson ever since.

Saturday, I felt pretty crappy, but was supposed to meet a friend at the gym for two hours of classes followed by lunch.  I was wavering when I heard the text message alert on my phone.  I figured it was my friend.

I told myself that if she had to cancel lunch, I was staying home.  If not, I was going.  Well, she wasn't cancelling, so I went to the gym, worked out hard, and felt better by the time we went to lunch.

Most of the time I have no way of knowing whether the decision I made was the correct one or not.  There is not way to tell if the commute home would have been better or worse via the alternate route.  That's true whether or not you believe in signs.

Mumbo jumbo?  Maybe.  Still, I feel better watching for signs.

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