Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My poor sick dog

My poor Bogie, who I've had only 2 months as of today, is not feeling well.  He is lethargic and eating very little. Angel, who needed a companion, is not happy that her new playmate is out of service.

Two months.  In that time he has spent more than his fair share of time at the vet.

The day I got him was the day he was neutered, courtesy of the rescue agency.  So that was the first doctor visit.  Three days later to my own veterinary clinic to have him checked over.  We didn't do vaccinations yet because he was still on medication for the neutering.  But they did do a blood test for heart worms and a fecal check for other worms.

Then his scrotum swelled up - a lot.  I'm told this is fairly common in big, older dogs after neutering, but it's scary looking and uncomfortable for the dog.  That required another doctor visit for medication and reassurance.

Two more visits for vaccinations and boosters.  Bogie was found on the street so even though he is now  approximately 17 months old, no one knows the prior status of his shots.

Great Dane horror stories about stomachs that flip over and kill the dog led me to do a preventive gastropexy.  This required 3 visits to a veterinary surgeon.  The pre-check, the surgery, and the post-check.

Sunday we went to the emergency clinic because he vomited and looked like he was going to fall over.  They suggested he be given anti-nausea medication and subcutaneous fluids and watched.  It was either that or a bunch of very expensive tests when maybe he had only eaten something he shouldn't have.

He seemed fine Monday and Tuesday morning.  So fine that I wondered if I had over-reacted in taking him to the emergency clinic. But then he started not eating again.  And he wouldn't play.  And he just wasn't himself.

So today there was yet another trip, this time to his regular vet to see if she could figure out what's wrong.  Blood tests, fecal tests, more subcutaneous fluid.  Nothing obviously wrong.  But obvious to everyone by his behavior that something *is* wrong.

Tomorrow, we go back to the surgeon to see if she can determine what is wrong.  They may have to look inside to see what is going on.

Despite the frequency of these visitations, Bogie has kept his good nature.  At every clinic we have gone to, the employees ooh and aah over him.  Bogie is lovable, well-behaved, very handsome.  At least three different people have said they would take him if I ever need to get rid of him.

He is a sweetheart, and after only 2 months, I cannot bear to lose him.

Get well soon, Bogie.  Get well soon.

Updated - 8/30/12 2 PM
After the visit to the specialist and an ultrasound, it appears that his liver is inflamed.  Educated guess puts the cause as an allergic reaction to the Rimadyl he was prescribed for both the neutering and the gastropexy.

We were sent home with some medication to calm his digestive system.  The liver inflammation will eventually resolve itself.  If it is indeed from an allergy.

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