Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bogie's got mad skillz

Because Bogie was sick, I was home from work the three days before the Labor Day holiday.  Bogie is a people dog.  He likes to have me around.  So he didn't appreciate it when I had to go into work on Tuesday. He tried to guilt me into staying home. However, when I came home from work, everything was fine.

I petted both dogs - a lot. Then I left for the gym.

I walked in the door from the garage to the house and wondered why there were 4 small rawhide bones in a pile on the floor by the doggy door.  I looked over at the counter and the canister was missing.   Yes, I know we had a previous incident.  But he had been unable to open a similar canister.  So I thought it was safe to leave this one on the counter where is was easier to access.

However, the loose rawhides meant the canister was either broken or opened.

Sure enough, Bogie had taken the canister outside and removed the lid.  It was a flip top lid, not a screw top.  Not only did he remove it, but he removed it in such a way that the lid could be reattached with no problem.  Bogie is smart, too smart.

While Angel and Bogie watched, I found 4 or 5 more rawhides untouched in the grass.  I put those back into the container.  I had recently filled the canister so I figure they ate at least 20 of them.  Thankfully, they were the small Dingo rawhides.

I must say I've never seen Angel look so happy. She was grinning all night, thrilled once again to be the recipient of Bogie's cunning.  Or high on rawhide.

Bogie seemed concerned about my reaction.  Shunning him has been an effective training method when he misbehaves.  So he kept his distance from me until I said, I'm not mad at you. Then he came over to be loved up and petted.

How could I be mad?  I knew he was smart.  I knew he would take things off the counter.  I misjudged his ability to puzzle out solutions.

The canister is now on top of the refrigerator.  If he can get it down from there, he deserves the contents.

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