Friday, August 17, 2012

Poorly executed newspaper price increase

I was recently informed that my monthly newspaper subscription to the Arizona Republic was increasing from $18.99 per month to $24 per month.  

The benefit to me for this 25% increase in cost?  I get access to their digital content.  

Whoop de doo.  I don't currently access their digital content.  That's why I read the newspaper.  So I can get my news - and comics - in one place with my breakfast.  I prefer that to having to click links, back up, click other links.  

I wasn't asked if I wanted this digital content.  I wasn't offered a print-only option.  I was just informed that my subscription would increase.  

I've commented before on the impending demise of print media.  My newspaper is already laughably slim.  We're the sixth largest American metropolis, yet 3 days a week the newspaper is the size of my home town paper.  Which had 30,000 residents at the time I lived there. 

Even now, at the end of many articles is the notation to go to their web site for further information.  If I need to go to the Internet for sufficient information, then why do I need the print edition at all? 

I like my newspaper.  I tried doing without and suffered withdrawal.   But this heavy-handed stab at "improving" my media experience has left a bad taste.  Additionally, I resent the tactic of charging me more for the Thanksgiving edition because it is bigger - from ads they get paid for.  

I've tolerated the Thanksgiving inequity with a grumbling acceptance.  But I have come to the conclusion that the columnists and comics I enjoy cannot counteract the ill filling I now have for Gannett Media.    Before the price increase, I will be cancelling my subscription. 

Now -- what do I read with breakfast? 

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