Monday, August 27, 2012

I love my Dyson

This is not a paid endorsement.  (I wish it was.)  I just thought maybe my opinion would be helpful to people researching vacuums. After all, I based my decision to by a Dyson on conversations with people who did and didn't have Dysons, as well as Internet research.

I'm not a vacuum neophyte.  I've had many brands of vacuum in my adult life - Rainbow, Hoover, Eureka, and the last, a Kenmore.  I liked my Kenmore canister vacuum, but I've had it for 12 years.  Although it seemed to work, I had the sense it was no longer as effective.  I know the suction decreased when the bag started getting half full.  I felt like I was wasting bags by changing them when they weren't full.

I found a good price on a Dyson DC-41 Animal on Amazon, and added some accessories. When it arrived, it was easy to assemble, with clear instructions.  The first time I vacuumed was kind of awkward.  I had a canister vacuum for so long that using an upright required an adjustment.  And the ball was a little tricky to get used to.

However, by the second time I used it, I was a convert.  In the past, after I vacuumed the tile floors I noticed  a bit of grit when I was barefooted.  With the Dyson, there was no grit.  The floors were as smooth as, well, ceramic.

The cleanliness of my carpets is amazing.  After a few times vacuuming with the Dyson, my carpets look almost new, not 14 years old.  Now when I do exercises face down on the carpet, there isn't the musty, dusty smell I used to encounter.

And my micro-suede upholstered furniture has never been so clean.  I vacuumed once with the vibrating attachment.  That did a nice job.  But the next time I used the small hand tool. The suction was so intense that the vacuum hurtled toward the couch.  The dust and dirt extracted was impressive.  My furniture is soft again.

I like seeing all the dirt I am vacuuming up.  Emptying the canister is easy.  Not once have I encountered any blow back on the dust. Maybe it depends on how you empty it.  I dump mine directly into the big trash receptacle, which is rather deep. 

Yes, a Dyson is all plastic.  I imagine that is how they keep it so light.  But there is a 5-year warranty on parts.  Two friends have never had an issue in many years.  Another keeps breaking parts on hers.  So it may depend on how you use your Dyson.

I do agree with one quibble I've read on the internet - a dearth of included attachments.   The Animal comes with a small turbine head that is great on stairs, but most models don't include it.  (The other models are also less expensive.)  What they call the stair tool is the one that did such a killer job on my furniture. The combination tool is awkward and pretty pointless, in my opinion.

I am happy that I bought the duster attachment.  Even with microfiber cloths, I always ended up scattering dust and dog hair.  The duster bristles are incredibly soft and it sucks up the dust and dog hair without any flyaway.

I also bought the dog groomer attachment.  I should have read the description more closely.  The bristles are too harsh for my dogs.  But I sold it to my friend for her Husky and she says it works great.  He likes being brushed with it and she doesn't end up with a pile of dog hair.

Granted, I've only had my Dyson for 2 months, but I am really happy and impressed.

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