Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Teenage" quail

My yard backs up against a retention basin. Often the Gambel's Quail that live there visit the bird block in my yard.  Although other birds enjoy the seed, I primarily put the blocks out to attract the quail.

Before I got the big dogs, the yard was sometimes visited by the parents and their puffball babies.  About the size of a fuzzy golf ball, the puffballs can't fly and would enter and exit under the gate.  While I miss seeing the babies, I would be devastated if one of the dogs caught one.  Instead, I get a kick out of the "teenage" quail.  They are not quite as big as their parents and they stick close to each other.
Walking along the block wall
I am impressed that the quail know whether or not to worry about the dogs.  And which of my dogs are the bigger concern.  Angel will walk out the doggy door, the quail will go on alert. If she simply lays in the grass they go back to eating.  If she walks toward them, they hop to the top of the block wall and make their escape.

Mom and kids
The wooden deck they are walking on is a raised platform about 3 feet high that keeps the food off the ground and provides a little protection from the dogs. I use a terra cotta planter bottom as a bird bath.

Dad and kids getting a drink. 
I can see the bird block platform from my kitchen window. Sometimes I am so entertained that I forget I'm supposed to be washing the dishes. 

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