Thursday, July 25, 2013

Progress on the new dog feeding regimen

The new dog feeding regimen (new dog feeding-regimen) is progressing well.

For the dogs.

For me, there is a boat load of guilt involved.  I feel like I am mistreating them by depriving them of food when hunger strikes one or the other.

Factually, Angel is probably eating more now than she did free-feeding.  It's apparent from Bogie's weight gain that more often than not, he was the one finishing off her food.

We've settled on twice a day feedings.  I tried more frequently, to more closely replicate what I thought Angel's feeding schedule was, but more often than not, she snubbed the food.

Angel seems to prefer to eat when I am eating.  This has the additional advantage of my presence to protect her food from Bogie.

He doesn't try to bully her into giving up her food.  He just - lurks.

He waits for Angel to turn away from the food so he can finish it.  But sometimes, Angel likes to take a mouth full and go a few feet away to drop it on the floor, then eat it one piece at a time.   I can't explain it.

By feeding them when I am eating breakfast or dinner, I am there to keep Bogie from co-opting her bowl until she is truly done.  Angel is done when she walks away from the bowl and goes outside.

Then Bogie is welcome to clean up the few pieces Angel may have skipped.

I wish I could say that Bogie looks like he is slimming down.  He doesn't.  Maybe I am not compensating enough for the treats I give them.

Sigh.  It was so much easier when my dogs could eat whenever they wanted.

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