Monday, July 8, 2013

New office arrangement

So the new job I started on June 17 allows me to work from home half the time.  The first day I worked from home, I quickly realized that my existing office arrangement would no longer work.

When I worked from home in my last job, I accessed my work computer from my home computer.  In this job, all my work applications are on a laptop that I carry back and forth.

There wasn't room on my desk for a comfortable placement of two computers.  Nor did I want to detach the monitor from my computer and move it to the laptop every time I worked from home.  I bought an inexpensive second monitor.  And then needed someplace to put it.

I did a makeover on my loft office. The one wide, long desk with drawers was replaced by 2 narrower, shorter desks plus a file cabinet and a corner piece.  The corner piece wasn't needed for space, but more to keep me from knocking things off the desk onto the floor.  It turned out to be a great place to put the trash basket to keep Bogie from getting into it.

The printer and modem had been located on the built-in cabinet by the window.  I moved them to a third desk.  This places the modem more centrally in the house and keeps the modem cords from tangling up on the counter.  The keyboard drawer is a great place to keep extra printer paper.

Despite my earlier rant about 29" desks, I didn't really like the desk I cut down.  That's the one that now holds the printer.  I decided to try the two desks at the 29" height and look for a couple of decent looking foot rests.

The pieces were all Winsome Wood ready to assemble pieces purchased on Amazon.  I put it all together on July 4th so it would be ready to try out on Friday the 5th.  So far it seems to be working out just like I intended.
The old arrangement.  The cloth bag on the chair holds my laptop. Classy.

New arrangement.  

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