Thursday, July 4, 2013

Short apology for not posting lately

I realize I haven't posted much since I started work.  It's amazing how much time and energy it takes to start a new job.

I have the advantage of having worked with everyone on my team before, so at least I don't have the trauma of learning new names and personalities.

I'm getting into the rhythm of working again.  Except I can't quite get home in time to take my usual gym classes and I haven't had the energy to figure out new classes to take.

My brain is too crammed full with new information that I doubt would interest many people to write any pithy posts.  Unless you are aching to hear how I progress in learning to use the Telerik automated testing program.

Or how I fare learning to use a Mac after a lifetime of Windows use.  I've decided to be stubborn and use the Apple keyboard I was given rather than request a Windows keyboard like the guys on my team did.

Or how walking two blocks from the parking lot to the building in the morning when it is 80 degrees is pleasant whereas the return trip in the 110 degree afternoon is a harder trek.

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