Saturday, July 20, 2013

No news is good mood

Earlier this year, I stopped taking the print newspaper.  I figured I could get all my news on-line. 

Only, I don't.  

I've found that I remember to check the on-line news once or twice a week at most.  I don't even check on my favorite columnists, even though I went to the trouble to save links to their columns. 

The only thing I do keep up with is the comics.  That's because GoComics sends them to me in an email every day.  Which I really, really like, by the way. 

If something newsworthy happens, I will see it in my Facebook or Twitter feeds.  Then I check out the on-line news.  

But overall, I am in the dark on current events.  

I have noticed that I am happier, more optimistic, and more contented lately.  

Could these two things be related?  


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