Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too Cute! Great Dane puppies

Last night I watched  an episode of Too Cute! on the Animal Planet.

 I don’t usually watch it because the puppy or kitten noises excite the dogs.  And did again tonight.  They ran upstairs and outside looking for the source of the noises.  

But I wanted to see the Great Dane puppies. 

It was so cool.  The mother was a Harlequin Dane.  I'm told that Bogie is a cross between a Harlequin Dane and a Merle Dane.  That accounts for his big blotches and little spots.  

There were 3 puppies. I'm not sure what the father looked like.  The puppies were mostly black or gray, with white markings.  None looked like the mother.

It was fun to imagine Bogie as a puppy.  The puppies are tiny at birth, only about a pound.  But they gain 2 ½ pounds per week on average. By the time they were 11 weeks old, and heading to their new homes, the puppies were already 35 pounds. 

This weekend, my friend Sarah said she thought Bogie was taller than the last time she was over.  I shrugged it off as her not remembering his size.  But the show said that Great Danes keep growing until they are 2.  

So maybe Sarah was correct.  Now I wish I had thought to measure Bogie when I got him.  

Still, I think whenever I need to get a new dog, I'll opt for another grown dog.  I don't miss housebreaking and teething. 

But those puppies were adorable.  

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