Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I didn't even want that job

Yesterday I had a phone interview for a database programmer position.  The HR person for the company found my resume on one of the job sites and emailed me to arrange for the interview.

I responded that I didn't have all of the qualifications in the job description.  But she insisted that their department director should talk to me.

I put my concerns on Facebook.  A friend replied that maybe they had a position not yet posted that better suited my qualifications.

I shrugged and decided I needed the interviewing practice.

Bad decision.

The director was unfailingly polite, but it was clear he was not impressed with my answers.  Answers to questions I never claimed to know.

The more I was unable to answer his questions, the blanker my mind became.  I couldn't even answer the questions I should have been able to answer.

Pro forma, he asked me if I had an questions for him.  So I asked about the location and the culture.

The location was a farther commute than I was willing to drive.

The hours were inflexible and smack dab during rush hour.

There was an actual dress code that prohibited jeans.

This was not a job I wanted.

So why do I feel so stupid?

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