Friday, February 8, 2013

I discovered how many good friends I have since I was laid off

Okay, since I got my final paycheck today, I'm not sure I'm officially laid off until Monday.   But I did get the boot on Tuesday after 10 years with this division of the company.

And I have discovered that I have many more compassionate, helpful friends than I realized.

I've heard from two friends I'd lost touch with who offered concrete help in my job search.  I've gotten suggestions for companies to look into from several people.  One friend even sent me a list of ten companies that hire software developers in the Valley.

People have sent their best wishes via e-mail, text, Facebook, and phone.  People have called to make sure I'm not wallowing in depression or curled in a ball in a corner of my house.

I'm not, by the way.  Yes, it bothers me.  Yes, I am worried.  But I'm a realist.  And I have the funds to survive a while without work.

I have time to gather my wits.  I have time to look for a job I will like.  I can spend more time at the gym.  I can get chores done around the house.  I now have lots of time to spend with my dogs.

And I have learned I am truly blessed with good, loyal, helpful friends.

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