Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I don't like it when your web site lies to me.

Angel is particularly fond of small marrow treats that can only be purchased at Walmart.  They are a Walmart house brand, so I find it odd that I am having difficulty finding them.

I checked 3 different Walmart stores and was unable to find the treats in any of them.  (That's the advantage of living in a large metro area.  Lots of different stores in a reasonable distance. )

I thought that she would get used to alternative treats, but after a week of snubs and sad looks, I was glad to find the marrow treats in stock again.

And - now they're out of stock again.

Being an avid on-line shopper, I decided to check

Sadly, the small marrow treats are only available in store.  Happily, their web site indicated which stores had the treats in stock.

And that's why I'm ticked off.

Two of the stores that the web site claims have the treats in stock are the ones I've already checked.

The two stores that have no treats on the shelves.

The two stores that have not had any treats on the shelves for over a week.

I hate being lied to.

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