Sunday, February 10, 2013

Separate dog walks are going well

I recently decided I need to walk my two dogs separately. Walk the dogs separately

After a rocky start, this is actually working quite well.  I take Bogie first, figuring correctly that I would be tired by the time we came back.

The first day, Angel tried to get out the front door when I took Bogie and not her.  But by the third day, she waited patiently by the couch.  She seems to really enjoy her solo walk.  Some days she trots faster than she ever did when she shared the walk with Bogie. Other days, she meanders and sniffs as much as she wants.  The walk with her covers the same distance as the shared walk used to.

Bogie had a harder time making the transition.  Oh, he loved the solo walk.  We went a farther distance and we went faster, him trotting and me jogging behind.  I was happy to see he was panting almost as hard as I was when we reached the home stretch.

The difficulty was when I left him behind to take Angel on her solo walk.  The first day, Bogie ran upstairs to the window facing the street and bayed.  Loudly.  For several minutes.  I'm grateful my neighbors didn't complain.

I thought we were making progress.  On the third day, I had a talk with him explaining that he had his turn and he needed to wait here while Angel had her turn.  That day he only barked a couple times.  But the next day I could hear him still barking from half a block away.

Today - success.  Another heart to heart talk.  And this time no barking.  Not once.  And he seemed so proud of himself when Angel and I got back.

We'll see how tomorrow goes.

So despite the extra time it takes, I would consider this a success.  Bogie and I are getting our cardio exercise in and Angel isn't getting dragged behind her younger, bigger brother.

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