Monday, April 12, 2010

Too Many Choices

There are too many choices available to us. The sheer number can be paralyzing, preventing us from doing anything.

I go to the store for bread. There are at least 50 types of bread to choose from. There is one I always buy, but can I truly call it my favorite if I haven't tried all the others? Are there really that many different ways to make a loaf of wheat bread?

Some choices have consequences. I chose not to go to college. Therefore, I can not apply for any jobs where a degree is required. I chose to buy a house in the suburbs and must deal with the commute to my job. Or I can choose to look for another job closer to home. Another choice.

How do we know whether we made the right choice? We don't. We can't know the results of the path not taken. Thus the paralysis, the fear of making the wrong choice.

The other day I had a block of hours available. I wanted to read a magazine, read a book, watch a movie, and work on my hobby. How to choose the right thing to do?

I took a nap.

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