Friday, April 23, 2010

Room painting questions

Everyone knows that the preparation is the biggest part of room painting. I was aware of the need to remove outlet covers, mask and edge before rolling. But I hadn't anticipated the questions involved in painting a bedroom.

Seeing that the baseboards needed re-caulking and pondering why the original caulk had split in the first place.

Discovering the tops of the doors had never been caulked and wondering if that was normal construction or laziness. And is this how the crickets are able to hide from me so well.

Moving the furniture and seeing the gray layer of dust on the carpet and thinking "Good grief! How long has it been since I vacuumed here?!"

Vacuuming up the gray dust layer and puzzling over what look like beverage stains along the baseboards. In a room where no beverage has been drunk - as far as I know.

Taking the curtains down and exposing a layer of dust on the top edge and wondering how it accumulated so quickly since it hasn't been that long since I washed them. Has it?

Wondering if it's a deliberate plot that the blind cords get tangled up no matter how careful you are when taking them down.

Puzzling over why there is paint on one outlet cover when I took it off before painting.

Who invented the paint roller and did he know he was a genius?

There are no answers to most of the questions, but they kept me entertained during the painting.

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