Sunday, April 25, 2010

Product Shrinkage

Maybe I don't read the right kind of news, but I find it odd that there is so little comment on product shrinkage.

I assume that manufacturers are resisting raising prices in a recession. But do they really think we won't notice the downsizing of our purchases? I don't wait until I have no toilet paper to restock. So it is quite evident as I stack the new rolls against the old that they are half an inch shorter.

The same with ice cream. My favorite brand is now offered in a noticeably smaller container. The small mozzarella sticks I buy at a fast food restaurant now consists of three items instead of 4. The sliced turkey I buy no longer covers the slice of bread.

These things are noticeable, obvious. Shrinking the product is the same as raising the price. People get vocal about raised prices. Apparently marketers know that shrinking products will not get the same response. I'm curious about the psychology behind that.

I'm not planning on a boycott. I still buy these products. But I am very aware that I am getting less value for my money.

And maybe that's the answer - I still buy.

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