Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lee and Morty Kaufmann for Swiffer

I love those Swiffer commercials with Lee and Morty Kaufman.  I was even more thrilled to discover they are a real, married couple. Huffington Post

What makes them so appealing?  For me, it's the fact that they love each other and genuinely enjoy each other's company.

My parents had a volatile relationship involving a lot of anger and yelling.  Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows Best, and the like, made me think my family was abnormal, shameful.

Maybe it was.  I would like to think so.

But I grew up with friends whose families were just as dysfunctional.  I truly don't know which kind of family is more prevalent.  Maybe there really are lots more families who don't scream hateful words at each other.

I had a glorious view of one such family when I married my second husband.  I adored his father and mother and the way they treated each other with respect.  Their very large, very frequent family gatherings generated less drama than a single gathering of my immediate family.

So I feel good - and a little envious- when I see a couple like Lee and Morty who have been together for decades and still love and respect each other.

It's like a fairy tale.  And they lived happily ever after.

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