Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Agreement unfulfilled - tear strips, zip strips, etc.

There have been so many advances in consumer technology that it can be hard to fathom for those of us over 50.  In  particular, I am talking about tear strips, easy-close zip strips, pop-tops, and foil tops.

So I feel a little ungrateful when I get irritated or annoyed when the improvements fail.

For example - easy tear strips on food or dog treat bags.  Nice, right?  No need for scissors like back in the "good old days".

But I get annoyed when I have to resort to those same scissors because the tear strip didn't work.  I will tear from the opposite side and struggle to pull the two edges apart before I walk the 2 feet to get the scissors.

I've had an entire batch of dog treat bags fail to tear open.  I seriously considered changing brands.  But the dogs love these treats.

Ditto, the easy-close zip strips on bags.  It's nice to not have to put the lunch meat or the cheese slices in a separate package after opening.  But sometimes the act of opening the bag destroys the zip strip.  Or the zip strip is so cheaply made that it takes a magician to get it closed correctly.

Then the damaged package has to be taped, or clipped, or the contents have to be moved to a separate package.  Just like before the inclusion of the sip strip.  So why is it more irritating?

Because it's an agreement unfulfilled, a contract broken.

Pop-tops where the ring breaks before the lid is removed.  Foil tops that are sealed so tightly that I have to open the container with a knife.  Some of these products are much more difficult to open when the easy open method fails.

I buy your product and you promise an easy open or easy close method - or both.  When these don't work, I feel dissed.  I feel like a whiny kid,  "But you prroommmisssed".  I stop short of stamping my feet, but just barely.

I tell myself that I should be grateful for the times these technologies make my life easier.

But I am still annoyed.

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