Thursday, October 3, 2013

Angel and the upstairs window

Sounds like the title of a Nancy Drew novel.

I have a two story house of the style often called a snout house.  As in, the garage is forward of the rest of the house like the snout of a pig laying down.  

The second story, front bedroom window - better known as the dog's lookout - is where the dogs go to keep an eye on the street. This bedroom is over part of the garage.  The garage roof extends a few feet past the exterior bedroom wall.  

Angel likes to paw at the windows when a dog passes by.  When I am home, I like to have the glass window open to let the breeze through.  Angel clawed the delicate sun screen and tore it.  So I put an inside layer of heavy duty screen in it.  This was meant to discourage clawing as well as protect the exterior screen. 

When I am not home, the glass windows is kept closed.  


I got home from work earlier this week, pulled into the driveway, and saw the bedroom screen was partially popped out of its frame. 

I had forgotten to close the window. 

Angel either clawed at it or leaned on it while barking and growling at a passing dog.  I'm extremely lucky she didn't go tumbling down the garage roof onto the driveway pavement.

When I got into the house, Angel acted guilty as hell, but she was unharmed.  

Not even a broken toenail. 

This video is from a different day when the window was closed. 

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