Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not good at following medical instructions

So I posted Maybe Bogie Needs Professional Training when he pulled me off my feet and I landed - hard.  I've gotten over my sense of betrayal and my concern that maybe he really is too big for me to handle.

Several friends commented on Facebook that their dogs had done the same thing to them.  And their dogs range in size from 40 to 80 pounds.

So the fault doesn't lie with the 130 pound dog, but with the inattention of the owner.  As domesticated as they are, as much as I treat mine like children, they are still animals with animal instincts.  And one of Bogie's biggest instincts is to chase moving animals.

So my feelings no longer hurt, but my hands do.  A lot.  I had them x-rayed and there are no broken bones.  So why do they hurt?

Hmmm.  Well.  (look around and avoid meeting eyes)  Maybe because I am not following the instructions I was given.

I was told not to walk Bogie for at least a couple weeks, but I walked him Friday and yesterday.  And yesterday he tried to chase a bunny.  I'm sure pulling on the leash to stop him didn't help my hand any.

I was told to keep them elevated and yesterday I went shopping with my friend.  My hands were in their natural downward position for several hours.

I was told to rest them, but there are birds and dogs to feed and water. There was a broken sprinkler head to fix.  The floor needed to be mopped.  Pants needed to be hemmed.  I did a lot of typing in my journal and social media.  And I needed to eat.

I was told to ice them.  Which I did.  For maybe two days.

The person at Next Care told me it would probably take 4 to 6 weeks for my hands to fully recover.  Not sure what that is in "can't follow directions" weeks.

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