Sunday, June 23, 2013

First week back to work

I've been laid off for 19 weeks.  Since I had severance enough for 16 of those weeks, I was able to enjoy the longest span of time off I've had in 20 years.  And now I know I will be good at doing retirement.

Monday was my first day back to work.  I was in software development before I got laid off.  This is similar, but it is automated testing.  Programming with a QA flavor.

I'd forgotten how much time working takes out of your day.  Not just the 8 hours of work, but the hour spent at work for lunch time and the hour and a half spent commuting - if the traffic is good. And that doesn't count the time spent getting ready for work.

How did I manage to get anything done at home when I worked before?  I didn't even do my normal gym classes this week. I had missed my dogs and spent my evenings making up to them. And they had missed me.

But not as much as I had feared.  The dogs weren't frantic or anxious when I finally came back home.  They were happy I was home.  But they had managed quite well without me.

That's when I remembered that a great portion of their day is spent sleeping, even when I am at home.

Work itself went well.  The people are nice and very helpful.  The facility is new, clean and shiny.  I have new software to learn.  And I have to learn how to use my Mac Book laptop.  I've always been a Windows girl.

But overall, a good week.  I won't go so far as saying I'm glad to be working.  I would love to win the lottery and retire.

But since I have to work, this is a really good interesting job.

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