Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maybe Bogie needs professional training

When I got Bogie last year, he was 15 months old, 120 pounds, and basically untrained.  I've made good progress civilizing him.

I thought.

This morning we were walking along like we do almost every morning.  We've encountered many dogs and many joggers over the months.  And with each encounter, Bogie gets better behaved.

Which is why I was unprepared this morning.

A couple of women were walking a medium sized terrier, crossing the street Bogie and I were approaching.  As usual, I held Bogie back, making him sit until the others passed.  Rather than come up behind them, I planned to cross the street with Bogie.

As soon as I released him from sit, Bogie lunged after the other dog to greet it.  I tried to pull him back, but I didn't have a secure stance.  I ran with him, pulling back on the leash.

Until we reached the curb.

I lost my footing and went down face forwards onto the concrete.  The two women were aghast.  A woman jogger came to help.  I laid where I was until I caught my breath.  For a moment, Bogie stood in the street, until the jogger pulled him back. The two women with the terrier left, so their dog wouldn't agitate Bogie.

The jogger walked part way home with me.  Having her to converse with helped distract me.  I kept Bogie on a very tight leash the whole mile back to the house.  I don't know if he even realizes that he hurt me.

The most painful damage seems to be to my hands.  The impact when I hit the concrete has already caused bruising.  My right hand held the leash and landed on the hard plastic casing.

The most obvious damage is the scrape on my right cheekbone and the slight bruising under my eye.  I look like I was in a bar fight.

And I feel . . .  betrayed.

That I could take this boy in and love him and care for him and have him casually hurt me made me wonder if maybe I was in over my head.  Maybe my Mom was right and he is too much dog for me.  I began to wonder if he even had any attachment to me.  Would he notice if someone else brought his food and filled his water bowl?

Then I got a grip and realized I love Bogie, bumps, bruises, and all.

A few months ago I had tried to contact a recommended professional dog trainer.  But they were always out of the office and I gave up.

I think I will try again.  

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