Friday, October 12, 2012

Can Bogie be trusted off-leash?

The short answer - no.  The long answer - No, nope, no way, negatory, absolutely not.

I had completely forgotten that Wolff Mechanical was coming to service the heat pump. The service man, Ralph, arrived promptly at 8.  Fortunately, he’s a dog lover because Bogie gave him the full-on love treatment, which includes leaning on and trying to put his paws on Ralph’s shoulders.

Bogie is getting better behaved, until there are new people around.  Bogie adores people.  Which means it isn't likely he was abused in his past life. 

I went around the outside to open the RV gate for Ralph.  I wasn't watching Bogie closely enough and he took off.  I wasn't too concerned, irritated, but not concerned when he went north to the bend.  After only a short while, he came back to me and I thought, well, now we’re making progress.  But as I reached for him he took off down the street to the west.  Then I got worried. 

didn't run after him.  That makes dogs think you're playing a game, but I walked fast and yelled.  At one point, I thought he was going to come back.  

But he high-tailed down the street, turning into a couple yards to check them out.  I had hoped he would get to the end of the sidewalk, where we normally turn back and return.  But instead he turned left into the cul-de-sac.  I expected him to walk around the curve and come back.  When he didn't I started to run.

I met a small group coming back from walking their dog in the basin.  But they hadn't seen him.  By now I was really worried.  That meant he headed to Ellsworth Road.  Traffic.  People.  Danger.

I hurried out to Ellsworth, looked down the road and saw a person walking two dogs, one black, one white. On the *other* side of Ellsworth.  On the other side of *busy* Ellsworth.  Across four lanes of traffic. 

I hoped the large, white dog was Bogie. I hurried to meet them.  The woman was walking her Rottweiler on a leash and Bogie was walking with them.  When he saw me, he hurried to see me, but  tried to pull away when I grabbed his collar. 

The woman was nice, said she had been worried about what to do with him if she didn't see anyone.  I explained I hadn't had him long and he wasn't complete trained.  I didn't want her to think I was a bad pet parent.   

I got a good grip on his collar and muscled him into a semblance of a Heel all the way back to the house.  I also kept telling him over and over how disappointed and scared I was.  He just looked at me, tongue hanging out, clearly having enjoyed his impromptu romp. 

Back at the house, Ralph and Angel were just doing their things. I made a point of ignoring Bogie since shunning has been a good punishment in the past.  It wasn't as effective when Ralph was there to pay attention to him. 

After Ralph left, Bogie was so tired he just laid down to nap. I don't think he even knows he's being ignored.  



  1. Hi, found my way here from your comment on The Bloggess.

    It's an ongoing battle with dogs, isn't it? I have to shut mine up if someone is coming to work on anything in the house because he can be so obnoxious!

    Good luck with Bogie's training!

    1. Thanks! He's smart, and learning, but wasn't trained when I got him at 15-months-old.