Friday, October 5, 2012

Bogie is starting to get it - I think

I am so proud. (misty eyes, hand over heart) This morning, during our walk, Bogie was pulling at the end of the leash, looking at something I couldn't see.  

I said, calmly, "No pulling."

He came back to me, sat down, and cried, as we watched a cat cross the street half a block away.  

I didn't even have him on a tight leash.

On the other hand, Tuesday he was up to mischief. 

I came home from work and first thing I noticed was the cloth napkin laying on the floor in front of the doggy door.  He had taken it off the counter.  

Looked left into the kitchen and saw one of the stainless steel dog food bowls laying in the middle of the kitchen, face down.  Bogie had taken it out of the sink.  I have no idea why.  It was obviously empty.  And his dry food bowl was full. 

As usual, I went outside to put food in the bird feeder and top off everyone’s water.  As I walked across the grass, I saw something black.  I picked it up and realized it was Bogie’s collar.  

I hadn't even noticed he wasn't wearing it.  

Now, I don’t make Angel wear a collar, but I haven’t had to pull her down from the counter or hold her back to keep her from jumping up on a guest.  And that is kind of hard to do without a “handle”.  Bogie willingly let me put the collar back around his neck.  It did slip over his head without being unfastened.

Upstairs to change my clothes. 

I keep the paper shredder and its waste can between the desk and a side chair, in front of the waste can I use for office trash.  

Both were tipped over.  The shredded paper had mostly stayed in the container, but at least a page full had fallen out and needed to be picked up. 

The office can was missing its liner.  That was laying in the middle of the loft with a hole in it.  Fortunately, I had recently emptied the trash so there wasn't much in it.  But I found an empty air can clear across the room.  Did he shake the bag?  I can see him doing it in my mind. 

Then I noticed the floor fan laying face down.  Of course it was still running.  I’m sure it was collateral damage from a game of chase or wrestling.  The fan now clanks if it isn't set up just right or if  I try to move it without shutting it off.

Lastly, my shorts were taken off the dresser and laid on the closet floor.  Not damaged, just moved.

These are the hazards of having a bored “teenage” Great Dane. 

But it makes for great stories, and he makes me laugh. 

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